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    Non-medical Comfortable KN95 Protective Mask
    Non-medical Comfortable KN95 Protective Mask

    價格: 面議

    Model: Fiche-01; Standard: GB2626-2006; Specification: Ear Hanging; MFG Date: See the Certificate of Approval;
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    Material: 4 Layers (Nonwoven Fabrics+ Hot Air Cotton+ Teflon Nano+ Nonwoven Fabrics ) + Elastic Ear Straps + Nose Clip
    Storage: Under the dry(less than RH 80%) environment with good ventilation and no corrosive materials.
    Property: Skin-friendly & dust-proof; four layers of protection; effective barrier against droplets and particulate matters.
    1. Please replace the mask or stop using it when you are experiencing respiratory difficulty.
    2. People with allergic to non-woven fabrics or cardiopulmonary dysfunction use with caution.
    3. Dispose according to the requirements of hospital or environmental protection department after use.
    4. This product can not replace surgical mask.
    Manufacturer: Suzhou Zhong Jian Clean Equipment Co., Ltd
    Address: Building 2, NO. 1 Mulin Road, Yuexi Street, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou

    1. How to use

    2. Product Package

    3. GB 2626-2006 Test Report

    4. CE certificate issued from Dekra

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