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    ? ? ? 蘇州中建凈化設備有限公司成立于2009年,專業為客戶提供潔凈方案,設計、生產、安裝各類專業的凈化設備、空氣過濾器、各種新風系統、空氣凈化器等,且建造了十級及百級集微電子、光電、汽車、醫藥等行業的樣板潔凈室、五百多平方的大型多功能展廳及風洞實驗室、消音室等多個配套的FFU綜合檢測實驗室。隨后公司將FFU工業空氣凈化技術進行革新研發,在國內首先制造出FFU家用凈化器及新風機等一系列產品,并取得相關專利和商標使用權。
    ? ? ??專業生產Fiche品牌非醫用舒適型KN95防護口罩,是專業的集研發、制造、營銷和服務為一體的企業。本公司憑借健全的管理機制,優秀的合作團隊,穩定的產品質量,完善的客戶服務,理想的解決方案和合作模式,為客戶提供了更佳性價比的產品和服務。
    ? ? ??本公司推出的Fiche品牌非醫用舒適型KN95防護口罩深受國內外客戶的認可,其核心納米材料: 透氣性更好,納米阻力小,呼吸更通暢;防水、防油保質期可達5年;熔噴布是靜電吸附,靜電電荷消失,口罩阻隔率會下降,納米材料是物理攔截,因此不存在效率下降問題。
    ? ? ??公司旗下擁有"美品mpin"、"美倫達"等多個FFU家用凈化器子品牌,且擁有多項發明專利、行業權威證書、成為“江蘇大學產學研合作基地”,我們致力于空氣凈化器行業的制造者。

    ? ? ??Suzhou Zhong Jian Clean Equipment Co., Ltd, established in 2009, specializes in providing clean resolutions for different customers: design, produce & install different professional clean equipment, air filters, different primary air systems, air cleaners, etc. It builds clean rooms of different industries, such as micro-electronics, photoelectricity, automobiles, medicine, large multi-function showrooms of over 500 square meters, and several matched FFU comprehensive testing laboratories of wind tunnel laboratory, anechoic chambers and so on. It makes a series of products, such as FFU household purifiers, fresh air ventilators firstly in domestic and gets relevant patents and trademarks, based on the innovation, research and development of FFU industrial air purification technology.
    ? ? ??Specializing in producing Fiche brand non-medical comfortable KN95 protective masks, it provides best cost performance and better service for customers with sound mechanism, excellent cooperating teams, thorough customer service and ideal resolutions & cooperation models.
    ? ? ??Fiche brand non-medical comfortable KN95 protective masks are deeply accepted by customers at home and abroad with its key nano material. This nano material has advantages of better breathability, less resistance, water-proof & oil-proof over 5 years, physical intercept not causing PFE decline compared with melt-blow fabrics.
    ? ? ??Suzhou Zhong Jian Clean Equipment Co., Ltd, has several brands of FFU household purifiers, such as “mpin”,” 美倫達” and so on. It also has several patents for invention, industrial certificates, and it becomes Jiangsu University-industry cooperation base.?

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